Military & Defense


Establishment and Training of regular Army units.

Establishment and training of Special Infantry Forces, Commando Units and Special Task Forces.

Supply of Army equipment, products and systems from Eastern or Western origin, from certified Government suppliers and military industries. New or Surplus.

Ultimate Tactical is representing officially some Military Manufacturers & their foreign trade companies from Eastern and Western countries.


  • Establishment & Training
  • Border electronic fencing
  • Radar Systems, VMD systems
  • Patrol Vehicles, vessels, APCs, UAVs
  • Weapon systems
  • CCC Centers, Radio communication and data links
  • Access control systems and monitoring
  • Establishing check points, check-posts, Border passages.
  • X-Ray systems for persons, vehicles, Cargo
  • Long range observation and Lighting systems – Day & Night


Establishment and training of Anti-Terror units, Presidential Guard units, Special Task Force and Rescue Teams. Supply of all relevant MODERN quipment for training and operational activities of the above units. Upgrading skills and operational methods of existing units Establishment of training ground facilities and Academy.

The following is partial list of equipment we supply for Anti Terror units:

  • Personal weapon and gear
  • Special ammunition's
  • Special vehicles
  • Special Radio systems – personal and unit level
  • Breaking-in equipment
  • Assault equipment and systems
  • Sniper weapons, coordination systems, camouflage gear
  • Monitoring and surveillance systems
  • Abseiling equipment
  • Rescue equipment
  • UAVs
  • Command and Control Vehicles
  • EOD and IEOD , demolition equipment
  • K-9


  • Supply of Western or Eastern aircrafts/helicopters – Cargo, fighters
  • Training, Intelligence
  • Pilot training – light crafts, jet fighters and helicopters
  • Technicians and air control Training
  • Air force Radars and air control systems
  • Anti-Aircraft systems
  • Supply of ILS and spare-parts packages
  • Upgrading of flying techniques – day and night
  • Upgrading of existing A/C & helicopters – Night vision systems
  • Weapon systems, targeting and radar systems
  • Radio communication – air to air; air to ground
  • Establishment of special pilot rescue unit, airborne

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